For over the past 20 years, the work of WTMA (William T. Medlow Architect) has emphasized the use of renderings to have the client see all aspects of the finished building prior to the construction drawings. In this fashion the side or rear elevations are not an afterthought, but part of the overall design. The extensive architectural experience of WTMA helps provide clients with a clear understanding of requirements relating to the design, working drawing and construction phases. Bringing these items together with a rendering allows the client the opportunity to reach their goals, consider the project in context and have fun doing it.
Here in the 21st Century, we are impacted by the cost of energy and the state of the environment. Call it green or environmentally conscious, the environmental impact, immediate or long term costs must be brought into context.
William T. Medlow is a Registered Architect in New York State, New Jersey and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

The architectural renderings highlighted in this section represent our more recent projects. Why show renderings? Renderings show what is possible and allow for changes. Renderings keep the fun in the design process and allow the owners an opportunity to consider the project in context.
Here you can visit Commercial or Residential projects that met the clients needs, wants and aspirations.

Interior renderings express the design intent of our interior projects and includes information on how the design meets project requirements. These renderings express the interior details that add life to a project. They offer clarity into the valuable details and nuances which are important to the interior of the structure.

A rendering is the best way to express the vision in architectural design. It offers confidence in marketing the proposed structure to the owners, the community and the town. It should be something to be proud of. Let it work for you.
WTMA will work to make your project goals achieve style and use. The completed project, rendering or visualization is designed to meet these goals and to enhance understanding of how a structure will be viewed on its intended site. This information becomes a benchmark showing the structure in context.
WTMA strives for the finest quality renderings. These products are only limited by time and expense. Photo-realistic renderings integrating photography and high resolution 3D model images that can offer a true understanding of the sited structure.

Visualization allows WTMA to create virtual views of buildings, sites and interior spaces that can be viewed in an interactive fashion. These can be employed from concept to help clients envision multiple options and alternatives. In this way, we can bring our thoughts together for an understanding and a greater trust in anticipation, giving us a unity of thought and a structure, hopefully in keeping with its community and environment.